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A wide assortment of books, mosaics, souvenirs, etc. is available at the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare, the Archiepiscopal Museum and the Bookshop in via Argentario 22, to remember your visit to this splendid town.
It’s possible to ask for the book and the DVD calling the number +39 0544 541688 or by e-mail writing to

DVD “Ravenna Mosaici”

Video from dvd “Ravenna Mosaici” The town of Ravenna with its UNESCO monuments in a video one of a kind. PAL DVD format Available in…

The Apostles in the mosaics of Ravenna

I would like to thank the editors of this book, which is designed to spread faith and knowledge of the Christian Art it inspired in…

Christ’s face in the mosaics of Ravenna

Father Guido Marchetti, editor of this book, really finds out in the Holy Scriptures the right words to evoke Christ’s face. Thirty-four reflections on as…

The Gospel in the mosaics of Ravenna

The joy of Gospel! In the mosaics that very soon decorated the chrurches of Ravenna, as some of most important churches in the East and…

The guide of the Archiepiscopal Museum

A detailed guide to masterpieces of Archiepiscopal Museum, including the Ivory Throne of Bishop Maximian and the Chapel of St. Andrew. Size 22 x 21….

The Path of Faith. Enfolded by the light of our mosaics.

A brief guide is available for your path of faith through 5 stages in the monuments of Ravenna, accompanied by the word of God and…

Guide of exhibition “Treasures of the past, light on the future”

New: on sale the catalog of the exhibition “Treasures of the past, light the future” with the books of the Historical Archive and the Diocesan…

The women in the mosaics of Ravenna

Father Guido Marchetti, editor of this new book, presents a new path through the monuments of Ravenna, showing one by one all the women represented…