Opening hours

Opening hoursMarch - 1st November 20202th November 2020 - 1st March 2021
Basilica of St. Vitale
Mausoleo of Galla Placidia
Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo
Neonian Baptistery
last admission 18.45
last admission 16.30
Archiepiscopal Museum and St. Andrew’s Chapel9.00-19.00
last admission 18.30
last admission 16.30
CLOSED from 5th November: more info

Closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day

Closing notice

Evening openings

Prices 2020


Full price: € 10,50
Reduced price: € 9,50

Valid for 7 days from the day of issue – one admission per monument.

Admission to the Diocesan sights will be allowed only by previous booking of your entrance time in each monument included in the ticket.

You can visit:
Basilica of St.Vitale
Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo
Archiepiscopal Museum (St. Andrew’s Chapel and Ivory Throne)
Neonian Baptistery*
Mausoleum of Galla Placidia*

* € 2.00 additional charge for the entrance to the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and Neonian Baptistery to be added to the price of the inclusive ticket. Extra fee has to be paid also by children over 6 y.o.

Reduced price: students, groups (at least 20 people) and associations with special agreement.

Free: children up to 10 y.o.; disabled people min 74% certified disability; religious; the clergy; members of armed forces; residents of the Ravenna municipality; certified touristic guides of Regione Emilia-Romagna; teachers in school trip groups (1 free on 10 students) – see also  SCHOOL TRIPS SPECIAL. For groups other than schools 1 free on 20 people who pay.

Journalists can ask Opera di Religione della Diocesi di Ravenna for an authorisation to free entrance (to be asked in advance).


For an easy and quick purchase of the ticket, choose on-line ticketing in order to personalise the visit according to your preferences.

If you need help to plan your route and to buy tickets, our Booking Office is at your disposal.

In any case, after the purchase, you will get your e-ticket by e-mail, please print or save it on your device because you need to show it when entering to each monuments.

You can also buy tickets on site the day of the visit at the ticket office of each monumental area:

  • Basilica of St Apollinare Nuovo, via di Roma 53 (link mappa)
  • Archiepiscopal Museum, piazza Arcivescovado 1 (link mappa)
  • Basilica of St Vitale, via Argentario 22 (link mappa).

During the emergency Covid19, only 1 person at a time is allowed inside the ticket office and only e-payment (no cash) is accepted through debit/credit card and Satispay.

Tickets online
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In all the monuments you can find gift stores with a wide selection of books, mosaics, gifts and souvenirs of your visit in Ravenna!

More details on SHOP page.

Only 1 person at a time can enter into the ticket office and the bookshop; only e-payment is permitted.
In order to go inside the shops and to look at the items for sale, people are required to wear gloves and face mask.

online shop

Useful Advice


Basilica and monuments in Ravenna are first of all places of worship, please keep a respectful behaviour during your visit. Groups are asked to keep a considerate and respectful behaviour inside the monuments sites.
We appreciate your keeping silence as a proof of respect towards holiness of the place and towards other people both worshippers and tourists.


Entrance to the monuments is allowed only to visitors properly dressed.


In order to ensure the best possible experience for visitors, we discourage the use of mobile phones inside the monuments. Please put your mobile phone on silent and use your electronic devices for video and explanations through headphones.


Baby changing tables are inside restroom in Basilica Saint Apollinare Nuovo and in Archiepiscopal Museum.


In the Basilica of Saint Vitale and Mausoleo of Galla Placidia there is an easy route for people with limited mobility. A Braille description is located at the entrance of the Basilica of St. Vitale.

St. Apollinare Nuovo: access for mobility impaired people.

Archiepiscopal Museum: access and rooms for mobility impaired people (including St. Andrew’s Chapel). Some rooms have braille descriptions and tactile boards.

Neonian Baptistery: access for mobility impaired people.

Battistero Neoniano: access for mobility impaired people.


Photograpy without flash and video recording is permitted in all the monuments for private purposes only using hand-held equipment.

The use of tripods, monopods, telescopic “selfie sticks”, flash and professional items is forbidden.

Video or photos for professional use require a special permission to be asked at


Access to the Diocesan Monuments is not permitted to dogs, even inside bags or kennels.

Access to guide and assistance dogs, on the leash, for visually impaired people and pet therapy certified animals is allowed


In all the monuments touching artworks is strictly forbidden, except tactile items for visually impaired people.


Amplified microphones and loudspeakers are forbidden inside the monuments and in adjacent area.


Laser pointers are forbidden inside Diocesan Monuments.


“No smoking area” in all the monuments and adjacent area – including electronic cigarettes.


It is forbidden to consume food and drink inside diocesan monuments.


In case of loss of personal belongings, visitor is advised to report it the nearest guard staff point to enable the object to be found.

In case the visitor has already left the monuments, it is possible to make a request for assistance by email at

Please note that items found and not reclaimed by the end of the day will be placed in storage at the offices of Opera di Religione

In no event can the Opera di Religione be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings.


Opera di Religione is pleased to welcome families with children and strollers in tow. The guard staff will show visitors the easiest route. In the Archiepiscopal Museum and Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo there are restrooms for baby changing table.


Due to microclimate reasons, in case of heavy visitor traffic especially groups, a longer stay than 5 minutes inside Mausoleo of Galla Placidia and Neonian Baptistery is not permitted.

In order to ensure the best possible experience for visitors in the Medieval Room (Archiepiscopal Museum 2nd floor) only 6 people at a time are allowed.


The diocesan monuments are provided of Automated External Defibrillator equipped both for adults and children.

In particular AED are located at the ticket office of Basilica St. Vitale in via Argentario 22, Archiepiscopal Museum and Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo